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The Ying and Yang of Lightness!

16 November, 2010

The year 2010 saw the release of TFI’s latest lightweight product, the aluminum Superlight AKE container. With the addition of the Superlight, TFI customers can now choose either composite or aluminum in their quest for lightweight ULD products.

The aluminum Superlight cuts around 8 kg off TFI’s conventional lightweight aluminum AKE, meaning that weight starts at around 66 kg depending on specification requirements.  

 TFI’s TUFFlight composite has already proven a hit, with customers praising its fine balance of light weight, toughness and user-friendly design.  The Superlight comes with its own benefits, including a lower cost and it gives airlines looking to cut weight a chance to stick with a material that they are familiar with. With 400 units already in operation, The Superlight is sure to be as popular as its composite counterpart.

Jason Marlow, TFI Sales Manager, says that TFI is now offering this unit to airlines due to market demand. “We see ourselves as a one-stop shop for all ULD requirements. We are one of very few companies that offer the full range of ULDs, including containers, pallets, nets and straps. Now with lightweights, most of the other players are either reducing weight on their aluminum units, or they are pursuing composite. Few seem to be doing both. We want to meet customer demand no matter whether they prefer to stick with aluminum, or move to composite.”

TFI’s latest IATA ULD Technical Manual ad clearly sums up this idea: “The Ying and Yang of Lightness!” The Ying –Yang is an ancient oriental symbol that reflects the completeness of the universe and the world as we know it: night is coupled with day, man with woman, so why not offer a complete choice to the airlines?

For more information, please contact the TFI team for updates on its lightweight ULD product line along with other cutting-edge innovations.