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Lower Deck Containers

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With the AKE being the most widely used container in the air cargo business, TFI has over the years developed a formidable range of this vital air cargo transport tool.

Our standard products are no-nonsense aluminum units: rugged, easy to use with long service life.  These come in both metal or canvas door variations.

The TUFFlight composite AKE range is the embodiment of lightweight toughness that weight sensitive carriers demand. Starting at a weight of 62 Kg, this container provides just enough stiffness to avoid any sagging or bulging of panels, yet at the same time possesses an exceptional impact resistance. Also in our lightweight range is our lightweight aluminum AKE with a starting weight of 66 kg.

Base Dimensions: 1,534 mm x 1,562 mm

Height: 1,626 mm

Max Gross Weight: 1,588 kg

Door: Metal, Canvas with Velcro, hook, zipper, buckle fastening mechanisms.

Panels: Aluminum alloy or TUFFlight composite

Weight: From 62 kg.

Fixed or foldable shelves, bottom bar, extra stiffeners, GOH provisions, blind rivet or huck bolt fasteners, smooth interior.