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Nets and Straps

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TFI manufactures its nets using the highest grade polyester in a knotless design that ensures the tightest fit for your precious cargo. All nets are manufactured with a built-in overdesign factor to take into account the natural deterioration of materials over time. Our NME nets can fit both PAG and PMC pallets. Height can be customized according to need.

Dimensions: 2,235 / 2,438 x 3,175 x up to 2,997

Max Gross Weight: 6,804 kg

Webbing: 100 % polyester

Mesh Type: Knotless

Fittings: 18 double stud fittings

Hooks: 18

Standard lashing line: 5,000 mm

Weight: from 15 kg

Airline logo placards, Do Not Cut Tag, colored webbing, colored lashing lines, customized lashing line length, ODLN Tag.